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Investments Strategy

YCP Group offers capital to small-to-mid-sized and start-up companies that possess attractive products and services but do not have the necessary resources to realize their growth potential.

Most private equity funds and investment firms tend to avoid investing into start-ups and small companies because the return on investment is too small and there are risks associated with succession. However, because YCP invests from its own balance sheet and is able to send in its own management team, we are able to provide unique solutions to realize growth after investment.

In principal, YCP engages in principal investments. Therefore, we are no pressured by external investors to liquidate our portfolio companies within a certain time frame. This allows us to implement actions to realize long-term and sustainable growth of our portfolio companies. We invest into a variety of companies, ranging from well-established firms to start-ups.

Investment Highlights

N&O LifeInvestment through N&O LifeYCP DiningInvestment through YCP Dining


    A brainchild of N&O Life, ALOBABY is an organic skincare brand for both babies and adults. ALOBABY products are made in Japan, and we aim to be a leading player in the organic skin-care market, providing safe and reliable products for parents all around the world.
  • Kyoto Flower House Omuro

    Kyoto Flower House Omuro

    As a joint business venture with Kyoto Flower House Omuro, a Kyoto flower company with more than 50 years of history, we launched an e-commerce platform in December 2013 that provides traditional Japanese flower products such as Sakura and Kocho-ran.
  • Mutsumi-ya

    Mutsumi-yaYCP Dining

    In December 2013, YCP Dining succeeded Mutsumi-ya business from Heartland Inc. as a turnaround equity sponsor. We are currently managing 2 company-owned stores and 26 franchise stores.
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  • RainbowBird


    We acquired RainbowBird Inc. in January 2014. RainbowBird Inc. offers Japanese-style early education services in Shanghai.
  • TEPPEI syokudo

    TEPPEI syokudo

    Operation of casual dine-in and take-out of Japanese food focusing on Kaisendon in Singapore and Hong Kong.

  • ToRoRo


    We started producing and selling Japanese smooth puddings named "ToRoRo" in Bangkok, Thailand, in July 2014. This is the first step for us in expanding Japanese premium sweets across Asia.
  • Cerfeuil


    In November 2014, we succeeded wholesale, department store, and FC business of Cerfeuil, whose main business is production and distribution of organic bottled food (e.g., jam, dip).
  • Kawamura Animal Hospital

    Kawamura Animal Hospital

    We succeeded "Kawamura Animal Hospital" in Kita-ku, Tokyo. With a history of more than 40 years, it provides quality veterinary services with a personal and nurturing touch to the local customers in the area.
  • BabyCresco


    We started an online baby goods specialty store, "BabyCresco". It offers natural, made-in-Japan, and easy-to-use products.
  • BreederONE


    We started a matching web service between dog breeders and pet owners in a growing breeder direct sale market, while offering reliable services under the supervision of veterinarians.
  • SOMOS International School

    SOMOS International School

    We succeeded "SOMOS International School" in Meguro, Tokyo, offering education programmes to train global leaders in addition to English language lessons.
  • Tateishi Animal Hospital

    Tateishi Animal Hospital

    We succeeded "Tateishi Animal Hospital" in Katsushika-ku, Tokyo. With a history of more than 18 years, it provides quality veterinary services with a personal and nurturing touch to the local customers in the area.
  • Fertility Treatment Net

    Fertility Treatment Net

    We started a web media, "Fertility Treatment NET", to provide objective information (incl. word of mouth) of fertility treatment clinics to address the information gap which consumers suffer from.