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Management Services Overview

YCP Group provides management resources and consulting services mainly in Asia, through strategy development and strategy execution focused on areas such as management, finance and marketing.


Business planning, restructuring, turnaround planning, operation and sales reorganization, cost reduction, logistic reorganization, IT vendor management, etc.


M&A strategy development and execution, post-merger integration, etc.


Advertising and execution, new product development, CRM strategy planning, etc.


  • How we serve our clients

    We serve our clients not as a third-party advisor but as a part of their operational/management team. We assist to execute and see through the strategies that we propose.

  • Quality of our people

    We provide experienced professionals who have worked in consulting firms, investment banks, and other major global firms. To ensure service quality, we conduct intensive training of YCP employees based on our own methods.

  • Time horizon

    Our company offers both short-term project management (a few months) and long-term management dispatch (years) to meet our clients' specific needs.

  • Fees

    We aim to create business opportunities and develop talent through our services. This enables us to offer our services at a reasonable rate compared to other major consulting firms.


Location Industry Content
Tokyo RetailBusiness management support
Tokyo RetailStore and business management support
Saitama RetailBusiness management support, systems and promotion improvement
Kyoto RetailLaunch EC business, execute promotions
Tokyo FoodBusiness management
Tokyo FoodImprovements of store and back office operations
Tokyo BeautyBusiness Strategy Planning
Tokyo HealthStructuring and business management support
Tokyo EntertainmentBusiness management support, organizational restructuring and new business strategies
Tokyo ApparelBusiness strategy planning
Tokyo ApparelBusiness management support; IPO support
Tokyo Web ServiceM&A advisory; business management support
Tokyo Web ServiceExecuting promotions
Tokyo Web ServiceExecuting promotions
Tokyo Web ServiceLaunching new businesses
Tokyo Web ServiceGrowth strategy planning, sales force enhancement, new product development
Tokyo Medical serviceLaunching new businesses
Tokyo EducationLaunching new businesses
Tokyo FinanceBusiness management support and promotion
Tokyo FinanceBusiness management support
Tokyo TelecommunicationBudget Planning, business planning support, business management support
Yokohama ManufacturingBusiness planning, business management support
Aichi ManufacturingMid-term business planning and business management enhancement
Hong Kong/ Shanghai EntertainmentFinancing support to expand business in foreign countries
Hong Kong/ Shanghai RetailFinancing support to expand business in foreign countries
Osaka RetailM&A Execution
Tokyo ServiceM&A Execution
Tokyo ServiceM&A Execution
Tokyo ServiceM&A Execution
Tokyo ServiceInvestment DD support
Tokyo ManufacturingInvestment DD support
Tokyo Clothing SPAInvestment DD support