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Strive for Growth. Lead Asia. Delight the World.

Yamato Capital Partners was founded in Tokyo to provide management resources (human and capital) to mid-cap and start-up companies in Japan.

In 2013, we opened our overseas offices all across Asia in response to the increasing demand for Asia business expansion, and modified our company name to YCP Holdings Limited. To reflect our commitment to becoming a truly global company, we adopted a new corporate vision, "Strive for Growth. Lead Asia. Delight the World."

We commit to the growth and success of all our clients, portfolio companies, as well our as own employees. We aim to contribute to society by striving to fulfill our corporate vision.


  1. To create and bring attractive products and services to the world with passion and momentum
  2. To build a strong business foundation through sustainable, long-term investments that can impact our society
  3. To create collaborative workplaces that honor diversity, and to build businesses that add value to our society
  4. To grow global leaders by providing opportunities to young talent with intelligence, passion and ambition
  5. To build an integrated platform consisting of a broad range of experts to support corporate leaders