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Careers at YCP Group

YCP Group actively seeks to recruit talented individuals with the ability to lead and manage companies at the forefront of businesses.
To realize our goal of "Strive for Growth. Lead Asia. Delight the World." we face various challenges in helping existing companies, establish new businesses or assist with restructuring/turnaround, and expand overseas. For this reason, we believe there are various skills and experiences that will be valued at YCP.
Rather than contributing based solely on the sheer number of years of experience, we believe that our most valuable asset is our ability to deliver insightful solutions by having a keen sense of ownership and a will to act upon our vision.
As YCP Group continues to grow, we hope to be a breeding ground for those who are willing to be the core engine of the Group and strive relentlessly to become Asia's top manager.

Who We Look For

At YCP Group, we recruit individuals who have a strong sense of ownership in these 3 areas:

1. Ownership of Personal Growth
  • Consider every situation as an opportunity to grow. Be willing to confront any challenges and constantly create learning opportunities
  • Improve aggressively in order to be a leading manager in Asia

    At YCP Group, we believe that the growth of the individual based on an intense awareness of ownership over one's growth and career leads to the overall growth of the Group.
2. Ownership of Business
  • Full dedication to our clients and portfolio companies by constantly thinking of businesses and opportunities
  • Regardless of the amount of money involved, treat every single business decision with utmost attention and dedication, even more so than when using one's own money

    A strong sense of ownership for businesses will create the most value for our clients and portfolio companies.
3. Ownership of Operations
  • Strong commitment to projects by always thinking ahead in order to produce outcomes that will far surpass expectations
  • Objectively evaluate one's actions and work relentlessly to achieve the best possible outcome

    At YCP, we believe that individuals who produce quality work make up the building blocks that will ultimately contribute to the overall success of YCP.