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Training Programs

We offer a variety of training programs in order to deliver most value to our clients as well as to develop leading managers in Asia.

  • 1. On the job training with professionals in each business area

    At YCP, our professionals come from diverse industries such as investment banking, consulting, retail, etc. Trainees will hone their skills and abilities in each business area by working closely with YCP professionals. This way, trainees gain not only valuable knowledge but also the necessary global aptitude from our professionals. We will tailor and customize each training according to the needs and interests of our trainees so that each individual will gain the necessary broad skills required to be a business manager, whether it would be management consulting, marketing advisory, etc.

    ▶YCP Professionals' Diverse Backgrounds:

    • Consulting firms: Mckinsey / Boston Consulting Group / Accenture / PwC
    • Investment Banks: Goldman Sachs / Deutsche Bank / Merrill Lynch / Mizuho Securities
    • Manufacturing/Branded Companies: P&G / Oracle Corporation
    • Others: Recruit Holdings / Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC / Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
  • 2. YCP Academy

    Held once a week, YCP Academy is a seminar which aims to share collective knowledge between YCP professionals. Every week, YCP Academy will cover a specific business area, conducted by our own professionals who have vast experience from different fields. We also invite guest speakers from various industries to share their insights as well as cover basic skills in presentation and slides production.

    ▶YCP Academy Sample Topics:

    • ・Finance:Financial Statement Analysis / M&A
    • ・Marketing:Positioning / Product Development
    • ・General Professional Skills:Deck Creation / Presentation Skills / Excel
    • ・Others:Business Case Analysis, Project Sharing
  • 3. YCP Evaluation Criteria

    Professionals are peer-evaluated twice a year, against 88 items in 29 areas (7 categories). This provides a 360-degree evaluation of our professionals. Everyone has feedback from its superiors and juniors. Each professional will then undergo mentoring sessions after each round of evaluation to bridge any gaps and bring them closer to their career goals.

    ▶YCP Evaluation Criteria Examples:

    • ・Management:Decision Making / Organizational Structure
    • ・Entrepreneurship:Business Strategy / Product & Service Development / Promotion / Sales
    • ・Investment:Sourcing / Due Diligence / Valuation / Structuring / Financing
    • ・Operation:Operations / Finance & Tax / HR & Labor management / Legal
    • ・Expertise:Industrial / Functional
    • ・Skill Set:Problem Solving / Work Plan / Documentation / Communication
    • ・Mind Set:Ownership / Leadership / Willingness to grow