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Partner/Portfolio Manager
  • Shingo Kasumoto

    Shingo KasumotoSoutheast Asia Regional Manager

    Shingo Kasumoto is responsible for marketing advisory (TV commercials and web promotions), and has held various executive positions in media, e-commerce, and web media development companies. Kasumoto supervises business development at YCP Group.

    Prior to joining YCP Group, Shingo worked at P&G, where he gained extensive experience in product development, marketing strategy, and promotion development in skin care products. He also worked in Singapore as an Asia brand manager for Vidal Sassoon, a global brand for hair care and hair styling products. He co-founded YCP Holdings (Former Yamato Capital Partners) in 2011.

    Shingo received his LL.B. from Kyoto University.

  • Sun Suriyapatanapong

    Sun Suriyapatanapong

    Sun Suriyapatanapong is in charge of YCP investment activities and management services support for clients and portfolio companies in Southeast Asia.

    Prior to joining YCP Group, Sun was a founder and CEO of early childhood education business in Shanghai, where he led business creation and expansion of learning centers across six first and second tier cities in China. Sun was previously at Bain & Company, where he provided strategic consulting services to corporate clients and due diligence services to private equity funds in Singapore, Japan and Greater China. Sun joined YCP Group in 2014.

    Sun received his B.S. in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at Columbia University.

  • Itaru Nagao

    Itaru NagaoYCP Singapore Managing Director, YCP Dining Global Managing Director

    Itaru Nagao founded the YCP Singapore office and is responsible for providing management services and new business development in South East Asia including Singapore. Itaru now leads our F&B brands and business expansion across entire Asia region.

    Prior to joining YCP Group, Itaru worked at Goldman Sachs Japan, where he gained extensive experience with principal investments in golf courses, insurance companies, and apparel companies with the Asian Special Situations Group. After his career in Japan, Itaru moved to Goldman Sachs New York and headed the Japan Desk fixed income sales team, where he successfully doubled the firm's market share. Itaru joined YCP Group in 2013.

    Itaru received his B.S. in Engineering from Tokyo University.

  • Monta Ito

    Monta Ito

    Monta Ito has been involved in debt restructuring, human resources reorganization, and strategic planning for the succession of investment deals, and later worked on numerous projects, varying from cost management to growth strategy planning. After his relocation to Bangkok, Monta has been offering hands-on consulting services to manufacturing companies and is responsible for new business development of Japan in-bound related services and a dessert brand in Bangkok.

    Prior to joining YCP Group, Monta served at Accenture, where he made KPIs transparent on a global scale for a manufacturing company and downsized business costs through operational and organizational restructuring in telecommunication and financial industries. He took a major role in strategic planning and execution with his clients, demonstrating his leadership and involvement. Monta joined YCP Group in 2013.

    Monta received his LL.B from Kyoto University.

  • Spencer Tan

    Spencer TanYCP Dining Singapore Managing Director

    Spencer Tan joined YCP Group in 2014 as his first career.

    Spencer received his B.B.A (Hons) Second Class (Upper) from the National University of Singapore Business School, where he majored in Finance.

  • Gary Murakami

    Gary MurakamiYCP Bangkok Managing Director

    Based in Southeast Asia for more than 8 years, Gary is responsible for consulting services for multinational clients based in the region.

    At Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia, Gary has engaged in strategy and operations consulting projects such as market entry strategy formulation, organization optimization, business / product planning, supplier / M&A target selection, market forecast and industry benchmarking in 10+ countries. Gary joined YCP Group in 2017 after Merrill Lynch and Deloitte Consulting.

    Gary earned his MBA from Sasin, Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University in Thailand.

  • Takahiro Ishizaki

    Takahiro Ishizaki

    Takahiro Ishizaki has been involved in mid-long term business strategy development and M&A strategy development mainly in resort/manufacturing/retail service industries and also worked on business due diligence projects for YCP and clients' investment deals.

    Prior to joining YCP Group, Takahiro Ishizaki worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers, where he was involved in business recovery services for biotech firms, consumer electronics manufacturers, and the livestock industry. In addition to his experience at PwC, Takahiro also worked at ICMG Co., Ltd. where he played a role of a catalyst in the building of innovation ecosystems within a multinational conglomerate and a leading beverage company. Takahiro joined YCP Group in 2015.

    Takahiro received his LL.B from Waseda University.

  • Shawn Tan

    Shawn Tan

    Shawn Tan joined YCP Group in 2016 as his first career.

    Shawn received his Magna Cum Laude (B.B.M) from Singapore Management University in 2016, where he majored in Finance and Operations Management.

  • Niran Batra

    Niran Batra

    Prior to joining YCP Group, Niran Batra worked at ABeam Consulting Thailand where he supported in the system transformation for one of the largest food and beverage conglomerates. He was involved in the purchasing processes optimization. Niran joined YCP Group in 2016.

    Niran received his B.Eng. in Information and Communication Engineering from Chulalongkorn University.

  • Krowkwan Rattanatikun

    Krowkwan Rattanatikun

    Prior to joining YCP, Krowkwan Rattanatikun worked at PwC Thailand, where she assisted in carrying out quality audit to clients from various industries. She identified and communicated accounting and auditing matters to managers and the team while also enhancing the client's accounting process. Krowkwan joined YCP in 2016.

    Krowkwan received her Bachelor of Business Administration from Chulalongkorn University, where she majored in Accounting.

  • Saijai Pongsripetch

    Saijai Pongsripetch

    Prior to joining YCP Group, Saijai Pongsripetch worked at JVCKENWOOD Electronics (Thailand), where she was in charge of overseas procurement for the planning and procurement division. She supported production and was involved in the supply chain management of the South East Asian Division of the company. Saijai joined YCP in 2016.

    Saijai received her Bachelor of Business Administration from Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology, where she majored in Japanese Business Management and received her Master in management from Tohoku University.

  • Isaac Glenn Tan

    Isaac Glenn Tan

    Isaac Glenn Tan joined YCP Group in 2016 as his first career.

    Isaac received his Magna Cum Laude (B.B.M) from Singapore Management University in 2016, where he majored in Finance.

  • Bhume Pamonmontri

    Bhume Pamonmontri

    Before joining YCP Group, Bhume was previously working for Deloitte Consulting South-East Asia based in Bangkok, where his consulting engagements primarily involved providing strategic recommendations and operational improvements for clients in the Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT) sector, prior to this he also worked as an analyst at a boutique consulting firm for 2 years. Bhume joined YCP Group in 2017.

    Bhume received his Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) majoring in International Business from Chulalongkorn University.

  • Jason Choong

    Jason Choong

    Jason Choong joined YCP Group in 2017 as his first career.

    Jason received his B.B.A. Second Class (Upper) from the National University of Singapore Business School, where he majored in Finance.

  • Jeaness Wong

    Jeaness Wong

    Jeaness brings consulting experience with the Business Transformation team at KPMG Singapore (Advisory), where she supported successful designs and implementations of strategic initiatives through effective strategy development and project management. She has extensive experience pertaining to business operations transformations in the Shared Services & Outsourcing practice. Her industry experience spans across Oil & Gas, Utilities, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical and Government Organisations.

    Jeaness received her B.B.M degree from Singapore Management University (SMU) majoring in Finance and Operations Management.