YCP works with the vision 'Strive for Growth. Lead Asia. Delight the World.’ We commit to the growth and success of all our clients, portfolio companies, as well as our people with a special focus to foster future C-suite executives who lead Asia.

Our management team and mid-hire professionals bring with them experience and knowledge accumulated from their stint with leading investment banks, consulting and professional firms, large industrial conglomerates and multinational FMCG companies. YCP is thus able to provide a one-stop service for our clients, with our comprehensive suite of in-house solutions ranging.

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YCP invests into companies or incubate new businesses in different industry domains, such as organic skincare, F&B and early education. Through hands-on management of our portfolio businesses, we accumulate the know-how and experiences to run, manage and grow a business, which we apply when formulating and implementing practical solutions for our clients.

The main role of YCP Group is to provide management services to group companies and private equity investments. Accordingly, the Group has established the Board of Directors, Leaders Team, and Senior Advisors in order to jointly supervise the activities of the organization, overcome challenges, and deliver insightful solutions.

YCP Group operates according to the Principles of Corporate Governance Code. We disclose our actions for all the principles in line with the requirements stated in the code.

Corporate Structure

As a global advisory firm present in 17 countries, YCP Group has a strong governance and leaders that understand its diverse and global needs. Our Leadership Team consists of professional consultants equipped with relevant skills, experiences and qualifications in various industries across Asia and beyond. All of employees epitomize the firm's purpose, values and principles, with the highest ethics and integrity in line with the long-term interests of our shareholders.

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