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Business Area

We focus on two business areas: "Management Services" to provide a wide range of advisory services, ranging from B2C to B2B in various industries, and "Principal Investments" to provide capital in various forms to start-ups as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that lack the necessary capital or human resources to realize their growth strategies. In addition, in order to maximise our value-add to clients and the investee companies, we focus on training employees who will make the most of the opportunity and experiences gained through both types of businesses.


Management Service

Our company provides management services in six areas, such as management consulting, financial advisory, marketing advisory, AI consulting, overseas research, and overseas expansion of B2C or B2B industries as well as businesses ranging from startups to small and big companies.

Principal Investments

We focus on personal care, food and beverage, pet care and early education businesses as key investment areas, while also investing capital throughout Asia. In addition, we cultivate business seeds that have the potential to become future investment areas through the strategic investment business. In the principal investment business, we are actively involved in not only investments to start-ups and SMEs, but also incubation of business from scratch.

Management Personnel Training

We train employees with the relevant management skills to equip them with in-depth communication skills to engage with diverse clients and investee companies, to enable them to provide various business functions for a wide range of industries, and to provide solid learnings through actual management experience at investee companies. We offer opportunities to systematically learn essential skills in business management such as consulting, finance, and marketing through the YCP Academy that functions like an in-house MBA.