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Personal Care Business

Business Area

We specialize in natural & organic skincare products by developing brands such as Alobaby, Halena and Since beauté.

Vision / Mission

The corporate vision of our skin care business, N&O Life, is to “Delight Moments & Make Happiness”. We focus on producing high-quality, reliable “Made in Japan” consumer goods globally. Our aim is to be the leading player in the organic skin care market.

Business Strategy

Proactive Brand Development

Our high-quality “Made in Japan” organic products are produced with the consumers’ safety in mind. In addition to Alobaby, which exceeded total sales of 50,000 items, we launched Halena, a new skincare brand for women in April 2018. We continue to challenge ourselves by moving from the organic baby and maternity market into the organic skincare market for all consumers.

E-commerce focus

N&O Life focuses on business development through e-commerce platforms using its own e-commerce system. We have achieved a significant presence in e-commerce, achieving no.1 rankings on Amazon and Rakuten platforms. To differentiate ourselves from other online brands, efforts are being placed into developing high-quality products that are safe and reliable for our customers.

Asia global Development

In 2017, we launched our products to our overseas markets with the support of YCP Group overseas offices. As Japanese products are highly-regarded as high-quality, safe and reliable by global consumers, our products appeal to the overseas markets. We will focus in developing our overseas markets further in full-scale.

Our Brand



    Since the launch of our domestically-produced organic baby skincare products for mothers and babies in July 2013, we have progressively increased our share in the Japan market, achieving strong brand presence with no.1 rankings on Amazon and Rakuten EC platforms. We began to expand our business in Asia in 2017. Alobaby for Mom, a line-up for mothers, was launched in 2018.

    Area of Operation:Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand
  • SINCE beauté

    SINCE beauté

    Launched in February 2015 as an organic haircare brand targeting pre- and post-natal mothers. We develop products based on the special needs of mothers who are facing hair loss concerns due to hormone imbalances.

    Area of Operation:Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand


    In April 2018, we launched an organic skin care brand that is targeted to women with sensitive skin. We developed the hot cleansing gel as our first product. The product was developed in conjunction with Alobaby, in order to be so gentle on the skin such that it can be used on babies.

    Area of Operation:Japan


    A web magazine for women in their 30s and 40s that provides useful information pertaining to beauty, ageing care, children care, fashion and lifestyle.

    Area of Operation:Japan

Group Companies

  • N&O Life

    N&O Life

    N&O Life, Inc.
    April 2013
    Shin-Aoyama Building East 10F, 1-1-1 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
    Yukio Nishiguchi