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Food and Beverage Business

Business Area

We developed four brands across Asia in the F&B business, with our main focus on Japanese cuisine.

Vision / Mission

Our vision is to spread happiness through food. We believe we are able to achieve this by spreading Japanese cuisine that has a strong appeal to consumers all over the world.

Business Strategy

Turnaround and scaling up the businesses by managing them as our own

Most companies enter the F&B business for investment purposes, but we manage our own F&B business with the aim to develop and grow the business and achieve a scale of 10 billion yen. YCP’s strategy involves a roll-up investment where we take on distressed deals and turnaround the business by managing it as our own. With our own management, we are able to scale up the businesses and achieve further growth.

Success in overseas development in the F&B business with a unique strategy

With an increasing global trend on health, healthy Japanese cuisine appeals to a large consumer market. However, there are little examples of Japanese restaurants that have been successful in the global market. In order to be widely known globally, YCP adopts a unique strategy – to focus on quick service restaurants with simple preparation procedures and streamline operations, making it easy to scale up the business.

From Asia to America – an acceleration of global development

Our first venture into the business was Teppei Syokudo in both Singapore and Hong Kong. It has been a great success. Tokyo Chopped Salad, the first chopped salad provider to incorporate Japanese flavours in Singapore was launched from scratch as an incubation business. We acquired Hachikyo, a seafood izakaya pub developed in Sapporo to target inbound overseas tourists and created for overseas development. In the near future, we will focus our efforts in Japanese food brand development, not only in Asia, but also in Europe and America.

Securing Talent That Is Indispensable To Stable Business Management

A common issue faced in the F&B business is securing labour talents. However, at YCP, we place emphasis on HR strategy which not only rely on monetary compensations, but also focus on optimizing working hours, utilizing senior human resources and creating a good working environment that gives employees a sense of belonging. By keeping in mind the various needs of employees who have diverse working goals and commitments, we are able to secure valuable human resources that is indispensable to the operation of our businesses.

Our Brand



    Started as a popular Japanese Teppei Restaurant, we focus on lower-cost casual dine-in and take-out services of the restaruarant’s offerings in Singapore in January 2015. The menu focuses on seafood bowls (Kaisendon), Japanese-style lunch boxes and curry. We currently have six outets in Singapore and one outlet in Hong Kong.

    Area of Operation:Singapore, Hong Kong
  • Rakuman Croquette

    Rakuman Croquette

    A croquette brand business that we acquired in September 2016. The brand places great emphasis on product development and the selection of quality ingredients such as Hokkaido potatoes. We currently have four outlets in Japan.

    Area of Operation:Japan


    The first chopped salad brand incorporating Japanese flavours in Singapore, opened in December 2016. We currently have one outlet in Singapore.

    Area of Operation:Japan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Thailand
  • Umiaji Hachikyo

    Umiaji Hachikyo

    A seafood izakaya pub business that we acquired in October 2017. Its signature dish is tsukkomeshi, a cod roe bowl. We currently have four outlets in Hokkaido. Focused on increasing the brand awareness to overseas tourists in Hokkaido, we intend to use the established brand recognition to break into the overseas markets.


Group Company

  • YCP Dining

    YCP Dining

    YCP Dining, Inc.
    June 2013
    Shin-Aoyama Building East 10F, 1-1-1 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
    Itaru Nagao
  • YCP Dining

    YCP Dining Singapere

    YCP Dining Singapore Pte. Ltd.
    December 2014
    5 Temasek Boulevard, #11-02 Suntec Tower Two, Singapore
    Spencer Tan
    +65 6910 2604
  • YCP Dining

    YCP Dining Hongkong

    YCP Dining Hong Kong Limited
    February 2016
    Room 1501, 15/F, The Center, 99 Queen's Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
    Ken Or
    +852 3643 1100
  • noimage


    ARUKI Co. Ltd
    April 2018
    FA-S3 Building 3F, 3-14-2 Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, Japan
    Kazunori Jin