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Management Service Feature

The management services provided by YCP have the following features:

Expertise on global standards based on diverse work experience and background

We are a team of professionals who used to work for major consulting firms such as McKinsey / BCG / A.T. Kearney, from financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs / UBS / JP Morgan, and from marketing companies (departments) such as P&G Marketing / Electrical Transmission / GE Healthcare. Due to our strong industry background, we are able to provide a wide range of effective solutions based on specialized fields, customized to suit the changing needs of companies at different stages of growth.

Practical advice based on experiences in setting up businesses and personal network of connections

Through the principal investment business, we have a track record of starting up our own business in various areas, from "online to offline", "products to services", and "domestic to overseas". As such, we are able to provide practical solutions and give support to our clients’ businesses with our hands-on approach.

Local overseas support and insights from our overseas offices

In order to achieve overseas expansion in Asia, our team of professionals have the necessary knowledge and familiarity of the local business culture and practices. This enables them to quickly understand client’s pain points and give the best solution possible to their success. Our team are able to conduct market research, construct entry strategy or localization schemes, and carry out operations in a seamless manner.

Service Area

The YCP Group offers management services in the following six areas.

  • Management Consulting

    In order to be involved in both management and operations of the business, YCP members will be seconded to the client office and takes care of all planning and execution from the 1st party standpoint. We believe that we can confidently propose solutions to various clients due to the continuous launch of new services & brands in the principal investment business as well as business turnaround projects.

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    Management talent dispatch | New business construction | Business revitalization | Business · Sales · Organization · Construction and implementation of recruitment strategy | Business process optimization | Med-term business plan formulation | Business management | Business due diligence

  • Financial Advisory

    In M&A, there are complex and diverse phases from preliminary research to integration after transaction / merger / acquisition, requiring expertise at every step. YCP members who have been involved in large-scale projects with investment banks and securities firms will be able to provide end-to-end support from planning to implementation. We do not want M&A support to be limited to typical large-scale projects, and also want to proactively provide services to companies that can create new value from small and medium-sized M&As.

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    Domestic M&A | Overseas M&A (Cross-border M&A) | Financing (equity finance / loans) | IPO | Corporate finance

  • Marketing Advisory

    We will introduce a framework to build marketing strategies, clarify brand equity and positioning, involve advertising agencies where necessary, and support advertisement production and advertising media planning and purchasing optimization. By executing a series of processes together with the clients , we would like to help in in-house marketing know-how that is essential for organic business growth.

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    Product and service development | Promotion plan planning & execution | Media planning & purchasing optimization | Re-branding | Marketing organization construction | Marketing training

  • AI Consulting

    With YCP’s new focus on technology, we provide consulting services that are targeted to new technology such as AI. With YCP professionals that are well-versed in the AI technology related industry, they are able to support companies seeking to adopt such new technologies. From proposing the relevant AI services, to actual installation and operational support such as AI knowledge training for employees, we provide a smooth and effective adoption of AI technology for the clients.

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    AI Strategy | AI Implementation | AI Proof of Concept | AI Training

  • Global Market Research

    With YCP professionals in local offices having an extensive knowledge of the local business culture and practices, we are able to collate market data and research that are accurate representations of the respective markets. With information that is reflective of the markets, localisation of businesses can be carried out effectively.

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    Marketing Research | Industrial Structure Research | Consumer Research | Competitive Research | List-Up Research | Distribution Research | Credit Research

  • Overseas Expansion

    To minimize the financial or staffing risks that comes with overseas expansion, we provide all necessary agency services for the expanding enterprises. Depending on the needs of each enterprise, we are able to provide partial services as well as a one-stop solution. Our services can be customized for busineesses in all growth phase, be it new overseas market feasibility study, or even for businesses that already have a presence overseas. Furthermore, in the early stage of overseas expansion, our goal is not to amass fixed costs, but to work flexibly with the businesses’ needs.

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    Overseas Expansion Agency | Strategizing for Overseas Expansion | Business Management and Operation Agency | Overseas Off-line and On-line Market Pioneering | Local Blueprint