Professional Development

Professional Development

Equipping professionals with the necessary skills and competencies to lead Asia

Investing in human capital is critical for us to attract, nurture and retain the brightest talent to realise the vision and mission of YCP Group.

Professional Development

Our learning and development approach is centred around 3 key aspect, designed to develop the skills and capabilities imperative to become an effective leader within and beyond YCP Group.

  • Technical: Mastery of essential business skills such as management, finance and marketing, and functional know-hows that is fundamental to the success of an organisation
  • Industry: Accumulation of deep industry knowledge across a wide range of industries to generate forward-thinking insights and solutions for our clients and portfolio companies
  • Mindset: Cultivating a growth mindset to unlock the unique potential of each individual, enabling them to thrive personally and professionally wherever they are

YCP Academy

YCP Academy is our in-house formal training programme, designed to enhance and advance the technical skills of our early and mid-career professionals. The training contents are curated and delivered by senior YCP professionals to equip junior YCP professionals with the needed tools, skills and knowledge to succeed at every stage in and beyond YCP Group.

Our internal training modules are also relevant for any organisation and can be customised into corporate training modules according to the clients’ existing and future needs, to help build and develop a strong and competent workforce that will enable our clients to remain relevant and competitive in any business environment.

On-The-Job Training

At YCP Group, we embed skills and capability building efforts into the everyday work that our professionals do, allowing our professionals to effectively learn by doing. Our work spans across 6 different practice areas offering professionals opportunities to work on various business issues with different teams across a wide range of industries and markets.

Our unique business model also offers professionals a platform for hands-on learning and real-life experience of running a business with an opportunity to create tangible business impact for our portfolio companies.

Review & Feedback

We adopt a 360-degree performance review process - where all professionals will be reviewed by their seniors, peers and juniors every 6 months. Each individual will be evaluated on the aspect of technical skill set and mindset, which is distilled further into 9 key categories respectively to enable our professionals to comprehensively develop the key traits of a successful leader.

Qualitative and actionable feedback is provided not only during the formal 6-monthly performance review process, but also throughout the year via end-of-project reviews and regular 1-to-1 sessions for professionals to be aware of their strengths and areas for development.

Knowledge Sharing

At YCP Group, learning and development extends beyond each local office with global and regional knowledge sharing initiatives in place to offer greater exposure and broaden the horizons of YCP professionals.

We conduct monthly industry sharing sessions led by our cross-regional industry expert teams who will impart their industry knowledge and experience, share insights on key industry trends and development to enrich the knowledge and capabilities of our global professionals. At the local office or regional-level, project sharing sessions are held to enable exchange of learnings, information, thoughts and ideas among the local and regional team members.

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