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Strive for Growth. Lead Asia. Delight the World.

YCP Group is a professional firm headquartered in Hong Kong that provides advisory services while engaging in private equity investments. It was first founded as Yamato Capital Partners in 2011 in Japan. We opened overseas offices across Asia in response to the increasing demand for overseas expansion services and rebranded ourselves to YCP Holdings Limited with our new corporate vision: “Strive for Growth. Lead Asia. Delight the World”.

Business Area

We provide advisory services in management consulting, M&A support, marketing consulting, AI consulting, global market research and overseas expansion support, while engaging in private equity investments in personal care, food and beverage, pet care and early education industries.

Global Locations

We operate our businesses with approximately 400 employees (including 130 consultants) in 10 locations - Japan, Greater China (Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taiwan), Southeast Asia (Singapore, Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh), North America (New York and Los Angeles) and London.

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