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The YCP Internship provides you with a great opportunity to experience various aspects of business management and investments while developing your professional skills. By working alongside professionals, you will own and lead different projects during your time here in YCP

What to expect

1) To gain exposure to hands-on management consulting in a wide array of industries

YCP provides management services to clients in different industries. From consumer goods and retail, to food and beverage, fashion, manufacturing or even technology, your exhilarating journey at YCP will put you in the centre of various industries- all while solving complex issues through a very hands-on approach.

2) To gain relevant experience in business operations in Asia, working alongside the network of YCP professionals located in key regions

Much of the potential in Asia is still locked up, undiscovered and waiting to be explored. With a focus on business operations in Asia, YCP provides interns the chance to learn about business management and expansion within and across Asia, not just from a top-down management perspective, but operationally from a bottom-up approach as well.

3) To work closely and learn from YCP professionals, who bring in-depth knowledge and experience from their previous companies (e.g. Goldman Sachs / P&G / BCG / Bain & Co. / McKinsey etc.)

YCP aims to provide interns with one of the best learning experiences- and one of the many ways we do this is through on the job training and working closely alongside YCP professionals who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge. Constant mentorship for our junior professionals and interns is something that we pride ourselves on.

4) To gain technical skills through YCP Academy via weekly seminars and monthly intensive workshops conducted by YCP Professionals (e.g. Finance, Marketing, Strategic Planning, Presentation Skills etc.)

On top of on-the-job training, you will be put through rigorous workshops which cover various functional topics to ensure holistic and all-rounded growth for all professionals and interns. Through these workshops and seminars, you will be equipped with various toolkits for solving today’s most complex problems.

5) Business travel opportunities around Asia, depending on project assignment

Interns will also get the chance to travel should the project demands for it. Through such overseas stints, you get to meet more professionals as well as other interns from other offices, which provides a chance for networking. Of course, we encourage our interns to work hard AND play hard- so you can expect gruelling but fulfilling trips.

Who we look for

We are looking for committed and highly motivated individuals who are able to contribute to all aspects of asset management of our portfolio companies / clients’ businesses, including operations, marketing, finance, and business development, as well as investment due diligence and execution processes.

  • Preferably 2nd year and above for undergraduates, and MBA students
  • Possesses high ownership and commitment
  • Relentless in pursuing the right direction for clients’ and the company’s growth

Case Studies

Wayne Wong

National University of Singapore (BBA), Interned at YCP Singapore (May - Dec 2014)

During my time at YCP, I was offered the opportunity to get an overview of how different businesses operate in the real-world. On top of learning, creating and executing business strategies and spreadsheets, I had the chance to own different projects, such as the expansion of a mid-sized retailer in Singapore and the successful investment into a Japanese F&B brand in Singapore. I could apply the skills that I had learnt while interning at a start-up in Silicon Valley- I was expected to bring projects to fruition by myself. The warm and family-like culture here in YCP and being able to work alongside incredibly smart people from different countries made my entire internship experience an excellent one.

Phontakorn Pieanpatikul

Chulalongkorn University (BBA), interned at YCP Bangkok (May - Aug 2015)

I have a strong interest in both management consulting and entrepreneurship, and hence the YCP internship was a perfect match for me. I worked on several projects that allowed me to hone my core skills in these areas, such as refining the expansion strategy of a tech x tourism business. At the same time I learnt various aspects of investment management as I was involved in the launch of a specialty restaurant in Bangkok. At the end of my internship stint, I realised how much I have grown as a professional- something which I am sure no other internships could provide me with!

How to apply

Interested candidates are to email your 1 page cover letter and resume to , stating your availability, period of commitment and which office you are interested to intern at ( Hong Kong / Shanghai / Bangkok / Singapore).