• November 2014
    Notice of Business Succession of bottled products brand "Cerfeuil Karuizawa"

    YCP succeeded the retail, franchise, and wholesale businesses from Cerfeuil Co., Ltd., a company specializing in development and production of bottled products such as jam, dressing, and dips in Karuizawa.

    JapanYCP GroupStrategic Investment
  • September 2014
    YCP Lifemate is founded

    YCP Lifemate, a YCP-owned business that offers veterinary services (CEO: Shinya Watari)

    JapanPet Care
  • August 2014
    Aoyama Sweets Factory Limited is founded

    Aoyama Sweets Factory, a YCP-owned business that offers sweets and dessert products in Asia, is founded

    Southeast AsiaStrategic Investment
  • August 2014
    ALOBABY Introduces Baby Soap

    ALOBABY, a brainchild of YCP Product that offers made-in-Japan organic baby skincare products, introduces Baby Soap

    JapanPersonal Care
  • August 2014
    Launch of BABY CRESCO e-commerce website

    YCP Product introduces “BABY CRESCO,” an e-commerce website focusing on made-in-Japan baby goods that are safe and reliable

    JapanPersonal Care
  • January 2014
    YCP to invest in RainbowBird in Shanghai

    YCP has invested in RainbowBird, which provides Japanese-style early education services in Shanghai, China. Our firm will help expand the business in Shanghai and other countries

    Greater ChinaEarly Education