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  • Ishida Yuki
    • Yuki Ishida
    • Group CEO

    Yuki Ishida, as YCP Group’s Chief Partner, is actively involved in managing the Group and oversees the Group’s principal and fund investment activities, dispatching management resources, and structuring platforms to provide overseas expansion support to our clients.

    Prior to founding YCP Group, Yuki was at Goldman Sachs Japan, Asian Special Situations Group, managing investments into equity, real estate, corporate debt, and other asset classes while leading turnaround operations for clients. In 2011, Yuki founded Yamato Capital Partners, a core company in YCP Group. As the company has changed to a holdings company in 2013, Yuki was appointed as a managing director of YCP Holdings.

    Yuki received his B.S. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Cornell University and earned his master’s in Engineering from Tokyo University.

  • Arai Naoki
    • Naoki Arai
    • YCP Shanghai Managing Director

    Naoki Arai founded and manages YCP Shanghai, Inc., and is in charge of investments and management services for retail, e-commerce and services industries in China.

    Prior to joining YCP Group, Naoki served at the Japan Research Institute, where he sought to launch new businesses in environmental energy while supporting the launch of other businesses and government led policies. Since May 2009, He moved to Beijing, China and founded JRI’s Beijing office, where he provided consulting services for Chinese municipal governments and offices.

    Naoki received his B.S. and master’s in Engineering at Kyoto University.

  • Kuriga Satoshi
    • Satoshi Kuriga
    • YCP Hongkong Co-Managing Director

    Satoshi Kuriga has been involved in various financial advisory services such as sell and buy-side advisory, M&A execution, PMI and worked on development of business strategies and new businesses. Satoshi is also in charge of deal sourcing and execution of YCP’s investment activities.

    Prior to joining YCP Group, Satoshi Kuriga was at Mizuho Securities, where he delivered many M&A execution for wide range of companies in steel, food and logistics companies. He also worked at Boston Consulting Group, where he provided various services such as business strategic planning, turnaround operations and PMI.

    Satoshi received his LL.B from Hitotsubashi University.

  • Or Ken
    • Ken Or
    • YCP Hongkong Co-Managing Director

    Ken Or has been leading the commercial due diligence, corporate turnaround strategy, and post merger integration practices at the Hong Kong office. Over the course of 3 years at YCP, Ken and his team successfully revived a client’s overseas investment portfolio by closing a US$250M M&A transaction, and restructured the business for global expansion. Afterall, Ken has started to develop his expertise in synergy realization and human resources transformation.

    Prior to joining YCP Group, Ken worked at Deloitte Consulting, where he was involved in business strategic planning and process re-engineering for financial institutions, retailing and betting clients across the globe. In addition, Ken was also part of the Deloitte Digital team, where he led customer relationship management systems implementations and digital marketing strategies development.

    Ken received his B.Eng. and Master’s in Systems Engineering from Imperial College London.


  • Fan Jia
    • Jia Fan

    Jia Fan has been involved in mid-long term business strategy development and operation strategy development/execution support mainly in manufacturing and retail industries, and also worked on management and investment deal sourcing activities in China.

    Prior to joining YCP group, Jia worked at Denso where he was responsible for new customer development, business localization and marketing in Asia regions.

    Jia holds an MBA degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong with concentration in marketing.

  • Kobayashi Ayumu
    • Ayumu Kobayashi

    Ayumu Kobayashi has been leading research and management service projects in Taiwan from 2017 and currently serves as the managing director of Taiwan office to provide a wide range of support to Japanese clients there for their market entry and business expansion.

    Prior to his relocation to Taiwan, Ayumu has been engaged in the business development of various industries such as cross-border EC, education service, fitness club in Hong Kong. He has also been involved in due diligence and financial advisory services of several M&A transactions.

    Ayumu received his B.A. in Economics from the University of Tokyo and earned his M.Phil in Sociology at the University of Hong Kong.

  • Hasegawa Kei
    • Kei Hasegawa
    • CPA

    Kei Hasegawa has been leading the YCP’s grocery business (Cerfeuil, inc) and successfully revive this business and exit to other major player. Kei has been involved in the project of mid-long term business strategy and investment strategy for electric and IT,infrastructure industries, and also Business due diligence project.

    Prior to joining YCP Group, Kei Hasegawa worked at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu in Japan, where he was involved in auditing services for comprehensive financial groups. In addition to his experience at Deloitte, Kei also worked at an energy-related company, where he launched a new business and an overseas subsidiary while managing M&A transactions.

    Kei received his B.A. in Economics from Waseda University.

  • Suzuki Masahide
    • Masahide Suzuki

    Masahide Suzuki has been involved in hands-on management service for manufacturing(heavy industry) / integrated trading industries regarding business strategy development / corporate plannning support / new business development / operation improvement.

    He was at Accenture, where he provided strategy consulting services, including corporate planning, new business development and digital transformation for a wide range of industries such as advanced technology and logistics.

    Masahide joined YCP Group in 2018.

  • Yulin Huang
    • Huang Yulin

    Yulin has been actively involved in direct investment activities and various financial advisory services such as sell and buy-side advisory, M&A execution and in developing business strategy for corporations.

    Yulin received his B.S. at NUS.

  • Lam Phyllis
    • Phyllis Lam

    Phyllis has been actively engaged in M&A advisory, post-merger integration, corporate restructuring and strategy consulting projects in various industries, including consumer goods, technology, media and insurance. She also led the firm’s principal investment portfolio in technology education.

    Prior to joining YCP Group, Phyllis started her career as a Management Associate at Citibank. She joined the APAC Corporate Strategy team, where she played a key role in facilitating the global restructuring initiative in two pilot countries – Hong Kong and Singapore. Phyllis joined YCP in 2016.

    Phyllis received her Master in Entrepreneurship & Management from Imperial College London and Bachelor in Economic from University of College London.