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  • Jaeyoung Chun Jay
    • Jay Jaeyoung Chun
    • YCP America Managing Director

    Jay Jaeyoung Chun, as YCP America Managing Director, founded YCP America and responsible for the Delivery Advisory in Management Services and Overseas Expansion Services over a variety of industries based in Greater New York Area.

    Prior to joining YCP Group, Jay had work experience at Global Big 4 Business Consulting Firms such as Deloitte US & JP, PwC, where he was deeply involved in the Corporate Strategy, Growth Strategy, M&A(mainly PMI), B2B/B2C Go-To-Market Strategy, Channel Strategy, Operation Innovation(Procure, Production, Logistics, Sales, Marketing, Services), Cross-boder Overseas Expansion Strategy, and Customer Experience(CRM) focusing on Hi-Technology, Auto, Pharmaceutical, and Retail Industries. His strength is the capability of leading large-scale project management using Diversity experienced in US, Europe, and Asia. Jay joined YCP Group in 2016.

    Jay earned his master’s in Global Business/Marketing at Waseda Graduate School.


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    • Erina Koyama
    • BreederOne Managing Director

    Erina Koyama has been involved in mid-long term business strategy development, marketing strategy development, and new business development. She is also in charge of launching ‘BreederONE’ which is the matching system connecting breeders to pet owners.

    Prior to joining YCP Group, Erina was at Accenture, where she was involved in new business development, marketing strategic planning, sales strategic planning, organization/human resources system planning, and introduced new systems for a wide range of industries; including communication, financial, manufacturing, and public institutions. Erina joined YCP Group in 2015.

    Erina received her B.A. in Economics from Keio University.