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  • Jaeyoung Chun Jay
    • Jay Jaeyoung Chun
    • YCP America Managing Director

    Jay Jaeyoung Chun, as YCP America Managing Director, founded YCP America and responsible for the Delivery Advisory in Management Services and Overseas Expansion Services over a variety of industries based in Greater New York Area.

    Prior to joining YCP Group, Jay had work experience at Global Big 4 Business Consulting Firms such as Deloitte US & JP, PwC, where he was deeply involved in the Corporate Strategy, Growth Strategy, M&A(mainly PMI), B2B/B2C Go-To-Market Strategy, Channel Strategy, Operation Innovation(Procure, Production, Logistics, Sales, Marketing, Services), Cross-boder Overseas Expansion Strategy, and Customer Experience(CRM) focusing on Hi-Technology, Auto, Pharmaceutical, and Retail Industries. His strength is the capability of leading large-scale project management using Diversity experienced in US, Europe, and Asia. Jay joined YCP Group in 2016.

    Jay earned his master’s in Global Business/Marketing at Waseda Graduate School.