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  • Shingo Kasumoto
    • Shingo Kasumoto
    • Southeast Asia Regional Manager
      YCP Singapore Managing Director
    • Shingo Kasumoto is responsible for the entire YCP Southeast Asia business, has been leading management dispatch service to provide one stop solutions across strategy, finance, marketing and operation categories.

    • Prior to joining YCP Group, Shingo worked at P&G, where he gained extensive experience in product development, marketing strategy, and promotion development in skin care products. He also worked in Singapore as an Asia brand manager for Vidal Sassoon, a global brand for hair care and hair styling products. He co-founded YCP Holdings (Former Yamato Capital Partners) in 2011.

    • Shingo received his LL.B. from Kyoto University.


  • Spencer Tan
    • Spencer Tan
    • YCP Dining Singapore Managing Director
    • Spencer Tan is the Managing Director for YCP Dining Singapore and Hong Kong, where he is responsible for the growth of the portfolio business within our F&B focus industry. He also oversees all financial advisory services provided by YCP Southeast Asia, and the execution of any strategic investments within the region.

    • Spencer Tan joined YCP Group in 2014 as his first career.

    • Spencer received his B.B.A (Hons) Second Class (Upper) from the National University of Singapore Business School, where he majored in Finance.

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    • Gary Murakami
    • YCP Bangkok Managing Director
    • Based in Southeast Asia for more than 8 years, Gary is responsible for consulting services for multinational clients based in the region.

    • At Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia, Gary has engaged in strategy and operations consulting projects such as market entry strategy formulation, organization optimization, business / product planning, supplier / M&A target selection, market forecast and industry benchmarking in 10+ countries. Gary joined YCP Group in 2017 after Merrill Lynch and Deloitte Consulting.

    • Gary earned his MBA from Sasin, Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University in Thailand.

  • Takahiro Ishizaki
    • Takahiro Ishizaki
    • Takahiro Ishizaki has been involved in mid-long term business strategy development and M&A strategy development mainly in resort/manufacturing/retail service industries and also worked on business due diligence projects for YCP and clients' investement deals.

    • Prior to joining YCP Group, Takahiro worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers, where he was involved in business recovery services for biotech firms,consumer electronics manufacturers, and the livestock industry. In addition to his experience at PwC, Takahiro also worked at ICMG Co., Ltd. where he played a role of a catalyst in the building of innovation ecosystems within a multinational conglomerate and a leading beverage company. Takahiro joined YCP Group in 2015.

    • Takahiro received his LL.B from Waseda University.

  • Takahiro Okawara
    • Takahiro Okawara
    • Prior to joining YCP Group, Takahiro was at Accenture strategy consulting division where he was a manager and at Rakuten where he was senior manager of strategy planning section.

    • At Accenture, he engaged with new service/business planning, business strategy and business process reengineering projects for communication/high-tech/media industries as a project manager.

    • At Rakuten, he engaged with new business development (launching new product categories, partnering) and marketing operation as well as strategy planning. Also engaged with launching new CVC group as additional role.

    • At YCP, he has been engaged with go-to-market-strategy planing, M&A support and marketing projects as well as hands-on support for new business launch

    • Received his B.A. in Economics from Keio University.

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    • Hiroki Matsumoto
    • Hiroki Matsumoto has been engaged in financial advisory services for more than 8 years.

    • Prior to joining YCP Group, Hiroki was engaged in M&A advisory at KPMG, conducting cross-border deals and valuation and pricing analysis of business investment projects for retail, apparel, healthcare, general contractor, finance, telecommunications sector, etc.
      He was also engaged in a wide range of financial advisory services at Mizuho Securities, including M&A, global IPO, public offering, and issuance of convertible bonds in areas such as telecommunications, technology, real estate and healthcare industry.
      After joining YCP Group, Hiroki is involved in new business development support services for manufacturers and in financial advisory services in Southeast Asia.

    • Hiroki received his B.A. degree in Economics at Keio University and earned his MBA degree at University of Southern California Marshall School of Business.