Industries Expertise

Industries Expertise

Our consultants have the industry focus, the market understanding, and the local experience to collaborate with clients and solve their issues in various markets.


Aerospace & Defense

Our commitment to innovation and transformation allows us to contribute to redefining the possibilities in Asia's aerospace and defense sector. We support businesses in reimagining, redesigning, and advancing the aerospace and defense landscape in Asia, bringing in a new era of progress.

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Automotive & Mobility

Seize the vast opportunities and identify emerging trends in the Asian automotive market with YCP's support. Our advisory services cover a wide range of automotive and mobility industries, including commercial and passenger vehicles, smart and electric vehicles, automotive digitalization, aftermarket and servicing, lubricants, and more.

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Construction & Infrastructure

New consumer expectations and elevated industry standards for success have emerged amid heightened competition in Asia's construction and infrastructure market. At YCP, we help you navigate the dynamic market to stay ahead of the competition, leveraging innovative strategies informed by our professionals' industry experience.

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Consumer & Retail

Asia's consumer and retail industry is rapidly evolving, and businesses need to adapt quickly to stay ahead of the curve in this competitive space. Our experts help our roster of clients navigate this complex landscape and achieve their objectives through services that focus on specific needs and our local network of professionals.

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Energy & Natural Resources

Asia's energy and natural resources industry is critical to the global value chain, creating a highly competitive landscape that attracts foreign and domestic players. At YCP, we help clients identify regional business opportunities that can equip firms with the ability to penetrate the global market and compete against the best.

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Financial Services

Asia's financial services market has a highly competitive ecosystem, possessing a wide range of market players and maintaining an integral role in developing other business industries. Other factors, such as continued digitalization and regulatory changes, are expected to drive further growth and demand for regional financial services.

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We help clients navigate the complex and ever-changing healthcare landscape to achieve their business goals. With our deep understanding of the Asian market and our team of industry experts, we develop customized solutions to help clients overcome challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and achieve sustainable growth.

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Overcome the complexities of Asia's industrial landscape and tap into the region's vast growth potential with the guidance of our experts. Our extensive experience in Asia's industrial markets allows us to provide comprehensive support and data-driven insights to drive businesses forward.

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Private Equity & Investors

Asia is a hotbed of private equity and investment activity, with the region attracting record levels of capital in recent years. With our deep understanding of the Asian market and a proven track record of success, YCP is well-positioned to help private equity and investment firms to achieve their goals and thrive in Asia.

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Public Sector

Challenges such as resource constraints and the growing need for innovative governance solutions have become more pronounced in the public sector. YCP is your reliable partner, offering guidance to navigate these complexities government entities face.

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Transportation & Logistics

From rising costs to supply chain disruptions, Asia's transportation and logistics industry has faced unprecedented challenges over the past few years. Our experts can guide you in seamlessly navigating supply chain complexities, optimizing routes, and embracing digital transformation and sustainability in this dynamic industry.

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Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Asia's dynamic TMT industry is rapidly growing and highly competitive and is home to some of the world's best and most innovative technology, media, and telecommunication firms. We strive to help our clients navigate this promising market, identifying the best opportunities to harness your business' full potential.

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