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Message from CEO

Yuki Ishida

Yuki Ishida

Group CEO of YCP Holdings

YCP Group actively seeks to recruit high-achieving individuals to take part in managing the forefront of our businesses.

Our firm's value lies in the end-to-end services we provide for companies seeking to explore the Asian market. We owe our success to the group’s three core strengths: our global presence in 15 offices that allow us to conduct Cross-Border Development, our extensive experience and expertise in Mergers and Acquisitions, and our foray into Digital Transformation. These three values drive us to become a Game Changer in the dynamic Asian market.

Within our group, we look for individuals with a solid nature of ownership in these three areas:

We believe that YCP Group's growth comes from our ability to deliver astute solutions by possessing a sense of ownership and an open-minded willingness to execute innovative business plans. We hope you can join our team of professionals and be part of our most valued asset in becoming Asia's leading professional firm.

Our People

Pitchaporn Thamvichai (Pim)

My experience at YCP Group gave me a unique opportunity to pursue simultaneous careers in the management services and principal investment. This is challenging yet rewarding at the same time. As portfolio manager for YCP Group’s Thai dessert factory, I had the opportunity to take charge of a wide array of functions from setting high-level strategy to hands-on management of the factory. Throughout my journey with YCP, I realized that having a creative thought process, an achievable plan and an ability to navigate through elements beyond my control are paramount for success; whilst a chance to witness the impactful results to your business and people is priceless. This has indeed been a life-changing experience for me, both personally and professionally.

Pitchaporn Thamvichai (Pim) Manager, YCP Solidiance, based in Thailand Graduated from Chulalongkorn University
Sarah Teo

YCP Solidiance is more than a consulting firm. It is a firm where professionals are encouraged to incubate new businesses and deployed to manage portfolio companies within the Group – thereby equipping us with practical management skills as we encounter and resolve real life business challenges on a daily basis. Despite having limited work experience, I was given the opportunity to manage our Alobaby business in Singapore and successfully built the business to 30 times bigger within two years. As a young professional, I was also empowered to independently manage consulting projects, significantly advancing my learnings and expediting my professional growth. If you are a new graduate looking to push yourself and pick up a broad range of skillsets faster than any of your peers entering the workforce - YCP Solidiance is the place for you.

Sarah Teo Associate, YCP Solidiance, based in Singapore Graduated from National University of Singapore
Ashok Raman

I started my career with the firm as a Senior Consultant in Indonesia. Having lived the bulk of my life outside of India, trying a new country was an exciting yet nerve-wracking prospect. Exciting due to new culture and work environment, nerve-wracking because of the new chapter in my life. All my concerns were put to rest the day I landed up at the Jakarta office. What helped is the swanky location of the office along with amazing colleagues who were extremely helpful to address the smallest of queries. What I find most exciting is collaborating with performance driven and talented team members across Asia-Pacific & Middle East. From Mecca to the Great Wall, from e-commerce to traditional manufacturing of industrial products; the multi-cultural, multi-sectoral exposure has seen me in challenging situations to understand further about the markets, how business is conducted and the various dynamics associated with these vibrant economies. In three words, my experience here has been exciting, challenging and rewarding!

Ashok Raman Director, YCP Solidiance, based in India Graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology
Jack Fowler

Working at YCP pitches your skills across numerous industries in which you may have had little to no previous experience. This learning curve is fantastic exposure that you may take forward to future projects and investments, build a unique set of experiences and find your professional niche. Most importantly, this learning curve is supported by a first-class team of experienced colleagues from which you will organically develop your competencies and confidence. I think YCP is a great place to work because entrepreneurship is encouraged from the core. Our unique business model encourages professionals to strive for growth, build fresh perspectives clients and take accountability. This is the best part about working with YCP; your ideas will come to life.

Jack Fowler Director, YCP Solidiance, based in Europe Graduated from The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and University of Manchester

Why Work with Us

Management Service

Solid CXO pathways

Through our hybrid business models providing advisory services, implementation and management opportunities in portfolio businesses, we build the necessary skills for the future CXOs in Asia.

Global exposure with strong Asia focus

We are Asia-focused with presence across 18 cities. Our multicultural team collaborates on cross-country strategic advisory projects and portfolio businesses across the region

Embrace diversity and local insights

Our team comes from very diverse cultural and professional background from around the globe. We are a highly collaborative group of people no matter where we are based.

Who We Look For

At YCP Group, we seek for individuals who can showcase the following qualities

Resilience & Self-motivation

Consider every situation as an opportunity to grow. Overcome any challenges and proactively seek opportunities to develop oneself.

High Dedication

Strong commitment to helping our clients/portfolio businesses have proven to add value to the development of one’s skills and the company.

Attitude of Excellence

Surpass expectations to deliver the best quality of work. Think ahead, thoroughly and rigorously to deliver valuable and excellent output that will impress our clients.

Career Path

Chart 1
Chart 2

We are developing the future leaders of Asia

The future of Asia relies on the people – and we ensure our team receives the best skills development programme through our extensive set of training. Our hybrid business model (Management Service and Principal Investment) enables a 360° view, offering you the best learning opportunities possible.

YCP Academy

On-The-Job Training

Review & Feedback

Knowledge Sharing

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Reach your highest potentials with us. Are you ready to make the jump?

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