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The journey began with a small desk in my apartment in 2011, enriched and guided by the collected vast experiences of our professionals. As we continuously expand, we are renewing our focus on the vibrant future epicenter of business — Asia.

Today, YCP Group stands true to our vision of becoming a Game Changer through the extensive services we provide to companies seeking to gain advantages in the market. Our success lies in how we leverage our three core strengths — Cross-Border Development through our global network of offices, our expertise in Mergers and Acquisitions, and our budding focus on Digital Transformation — to implement transformative strategies into reality.

Our values are evident in the results of our work. YCP Group ensures our professionals provide high impact through our broad spectrum of perspectives, by tailoring our mindset and services based on each client's different business needs. Such services are possible due to our presence in 20 key markets and beyond, with our professionals possessing the necessary in-depth knowledge of the local markets to provide intuitive, innovative, and efficient business solutions.

I am proud to say that YCP Group has helped hundreds of companies to enter, compete, and dominate the market in their respective sectors, through the values that we have ingrained in each of our professionals. Both our clients and portfolio companies enjoy the buoyant firsthand expertise we have gained from our experiences of navigating through this immeasurably potential-filled Asian market.

YCP Group's journey is still far from over. We are aiming to become the number one Asia-focused professional firm, and we are primed to succeed through realizing the untapped strength and opportunities the vibrant Asian market has to offer. I am very fortunate to be a part of our firm's growth as we look forward to an even brighter future.

Yuki Ishida

Group CEO of YCP Holdings (Global) Limited

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