Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions

We provide streamlined solutions to your supply chain needs, delivering real value to your business and strengthening your global presence.

Supply Chain Solutions

Formerly Consus Global, Now YCP Consus

Serving as the Group's new Supply Chain Solutions, Consus Global will now be known globally as YCP Consus, per the firm’s integration into YCP Holdings (Global) Limited, which was first announced in April 2023.

How We Can Help

Supply Chain Turnarounds

We help create high-performing and robust supply chains, enabling businesses to bolster operations and navigate market disruptions.

Expert Sourcing

Through e-sourcing solutions and services, we assist businesses to connect with the right contacts and improve efficiency from top-to-bottom.

Procurement Operations

Optimise your resource management with our professionals, where we aim to reduce costs and refine system processes.

Analytics & Insights (BluMor)

YCP Consus' AI engine BluMor leverages innovative technology to provide actionable insights to better inform your business decisions.

Source to Pay System Digitisation

From training and certification to system design, we guide our clients to find the best-suited digital solutions for your S2P needs.

Supply Chain Solutions

Key Team Members

Case Studies

Our market expertise and deep understanding of our clients' needs have enabled us to deliver results that drive their growth and success.

  • Client

    Multi-specialty tertiary care provider


    India -- Northern and Eastern regions


    Supply Chain Turnarounds, Expert Sourcing, Procurement Operations

    Project Summary

    Utilising a comprehensive Strategic Sourcing process, the client was able to reduce costs and enhance the efficiency of their syringe supply chain. This netted the client a 10% annual cost reduction, 4% incumbent cost reduction, and successful integration of new suppliers.


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Explore the transformative value our variety of sourcing and procurement solutions can harness for your business growth.

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