IR Policy

IR Policy

YCP Holdings (Global) Limited, a company incorporated in Singapore (“the Company”) is committed to delivering high standards of information disclosure to the shareholders, analysts and other stakeholders of the investment community (collectively “Investors”). This Investor Relations Policy outlines the practices adopted by the Company to warrant clear, fair and balanced disclosure of material information as well as equitable access to material information by the Investors.

Article 1 General Principles

  1. The Company will ensure disclosure of information according to the statutory disclosure requirements based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act of Japan, and other relevant acts and ordinances including the Singapore Code of Corporate Governance 2012, and as required by the Rules on Timely Disclosure set by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (“TSE”).
  2. The Company complies with the following principles on disclosure of material information:
    • (a) Timeliness: Information about significant events must be disclosed without delay after the events have occurred.
    • (b) Accuracy: All information disclosed must accurately reflect the facts.
    • (c) Impartiality: All important information, whether favourable or unfavourable to the Company, must be disclosed in accordance with the timely disclosure rules of the TSE.
    • (d) Fairness: All stakeholders, including shareholders and investors, must have equal access to information.
  3. All disclosures submitted to TSE via Timely Disclosure network (“TDnet”). Such information shall be promptly made available on the Company’s corporate website at
  4. This policy is subject to regular review by the Company’s to ensure effectiveness. Updates and amendments (as appropriate) will be made to reflect current best practices in our communication with Investors.

Article 2 Communication Principles

  1. The Company is committed to the fair treatment of all Investors and strives to keep shareholders informed of matters that affect their interests in the Company on a timely, equitable and transparent manner.
  2. The Company communicates only through designated spokesperson. In order to ensure consistency, all inquiries and requests from the Investors must be directed to the Group Chief Financial Officer of YCP. Communications with our investor community may be conducted by the Group Chief Executive Officer and/or the Group Financial Officer. The aforementioned individuals may occasionally be supported by other members of the executive management or representatives from the Finance Group.
  3. The Company and designated spokespersons will establish and maintain regular dialogue with Investors, to keep them informed of its developments and to seek and understand their views.
  4. The Company does not respond to rumours. However, if rumours indicate that material information has been leaked or they are in fact false or inaccurate, the rumours will be promptly denied or clarified through announcements via TDnet.

Article 3 Communication Channels

  1. The Company actively engages the Investors via several channels.
    • (a) Shareholders’ meetings

      The Company’s Annual General Meetings (“AGM”) are the principal communication channel for the Board of Directors to communicate with the shareholders in relation to strategy, business operations, financial results, corporate governance and other matters that affect their interest in the Company.

    • (b) Quarterly results announcements

      The Company announces its financial results and Tanshin reports on a quarterly basis, within 45 days from the end of each quarter. The results announcements contain detailed financial statements, as well as management discussion and analyses of the Company’s key business trends and financial performance.

    • (c) Annual report

      The Company publishes an annual report about one month before the AGM to provide Investors with a comprehensive overview of its business strategies and developments, market outlook, operational and financial performance, as well as corporate governance practices.

    • (d) Corporate website

      The Company maintains a corporate website ( Both current and archives of previous IR materials, which includes the following, are made available in both English and Japanese under “Investor Relations” of YCP’s corporate website.

      • (i) Consolidated financial reports;
      • (ii) Earnings results and briefing presentation materials;
      • (iii) Annual reports;
      • (iv) Notices of Annual General Meeting to Shareholders;
      • (v) Important press releases, announcements including timely disclosures.

Article 4 Prevention of Insider Trading

The Company has established an Insider Trading Policy to prevent insider trading, and promoted awareness and understanding among all Directors and employees. In addition, the Company strives to prevent insider trading through appropriate management of information on material facts that may affect investment decisions and prompt disclosure of information in accordance with various laws and regulations and the timely disclosure rules set by TSE.

Article 5 Quiet Period

The Company has designated a quiet period from the day following the last day of the fiscal year (quarterly settlement) to each financial statement announcement date to prevent divulging earnings information and to ensure fairness. During this quiet period, the Company cannot comment on or answer any inquiries about earnings results. If any event that arises during a quiet period is subject to timely disclosure, however, the Company promptly discloses the information as appropriate.

Article 6 Shareholder Privacy

The Company recognises the importance of its’ shareholders’ privacy and does not disclose shareholders’ information without their consent unless required by law.

Article 7 Disclaimer on Investment Relations Policy

The purpose of this Investment Relations policy as well as materials related to this policy is meant for information sharing only. It is not to be taken as a solicitation for investments. You are entirely responsible for any investment decisions you make. You may also refer to our Disclaimer policy for further understanding.

For more information on our Investor Relations policy, you may reach out to

This Investor Relations Policy was written in English. To the extent any translated version of this Privacy Policy conflicts with the English version, the English version controls.

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