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Our Past Interns

Shirley Chu

As an Asia-focused strategy & management consultancy firm with presence across 20 markets globally, YCP Solidiance grants me the opportunity to explore, discover and learn in the competitive business world. I joined YCP Solidiance in my last semester of the university as an intern and have decided to join as an analyst since 2019. Throughout the journey from a student perspective to a professional perspective, I gradually picked up the analytical skills on a variety of work, such as developing a manufacturing company’s marketing strategy and co-hosting a change management workshop for a company’s financing department, as well as cultivating a strong consulting mindset. Impressed by how far I have grown, I appreciate the chance to be led by a lot of experienced professionals, be surrounded by a warm big family in the Hong Kong office, and be encouraged to strive for growth with YCP Solidiance together.

Shirley Chu Student of University of Hong Kong
Chidchanognarth Chidchanog

My summer internship at YCP has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my professional life. I was given real assignments and responsibilities on the scale that I could not have expected from other internships. From day one, I was allowed to take an initiative in solving business problems such as addressing the declining profitability of a F&B business. The several projects that I was involved in served to develop and refine a comprehensive set of skills that are expected from any business students. Furthermore, the culture at YCP is what made my time here a truly pleasant one. I was not treated as an ordinary intern or a second-class citizen here. I was treated as a valuable member of the team and a part of the family.

Chidchanognarth Chidchanog Student of Chulalongkorn University
Jason Choong

Ownership, Business Analysis and Professionalism. These were the three biggest takeaways from my time at YCP as a summer intern. During my internship I was mainly working on a turnaround project for a local SME. I had the chance to be exposed to many different business functions (supply chain, marketing, company financing etc) and assisted the project manager in analysing the key gaps in each function and executing the improvement plans. I was working very closely with the professionals from YCP which allowed me to grasp many business analysis skills. Most importantly, I gained a sense of ownership for the business and the tasks that I were assigned too. I was also involved in two business research projects. This honed my technical abilities. I had to ensure that the outputs I delivered were professional and accurate. My time at YCP really provided exponential growth opportunities for me.

Jason Choong Student of National University of Singapore
Andrea Quattrocchi

The internship at YCP Solidiance firstly changed me as a person. I am Italian student of Business and Economics at the University of Bologna, and having the chance to meet people from different cultures enriched myself and expanded my cultural knowledge. I learnt about the Indonesian and Asian business world, which is an experience I couldn’t have done in Italy. Moreover, working with experienced professional gave me essential hands-on skills. It helped me to clearly understand what I was studying and what I wanted to do in my future. At YCP Solidiance colleagues are open minded and always available to help you overcome your challenges. I would highly recommend interning at YCP Solidiance to my peers as it would represent a way to grow wiser and more responsible, both from a personal and a professional perspective.

Andrea Quattrocchi Student of University of Bologna and exchange student of National University of Singapore
Eileen Zhang

With its global background, YCP creates an diverse and motivating environment where individuals could fully explore their potential and maximize the benefits for the group. During my internship at YCP, I had the chance to manage online marketing for an early childhood institution. Through cooperating with other team members and communicating with clients, I have developed the skills to adjust business strategies to meet clients’ needs and work under a high-pressured environment. YCP’s tradition of weekly workshop shows how the company cares about its employee’s development. The opportunity to building business model and sharing ideas with colleagues gave me more insight on different industries and allowed me to hone my analytical skills. More importantly, I was able to bond with my coworkers and therefore inspired by their creative thoughts.

Eileen Zhang Interned at YCP Solidiance Shanghai (Summer 2016)

Internship with YCP Group

We offer internship programs to students from leading global universities.


Undergraduate students in their 2nd year or above, or MBA and Master's degree students looking for minimum three months of internship.

Soft Skills

Individuals with strong sense of ownership and commitment who are open to challenges and driven to achieve growth.

Academic Background

We welcome students from leading global and national universities majoring in economics, business administration, marketing, engineering, IT, etc.

Hands-on Consulting Experience

YCP provides management services to clients in different industries. From consumer goods and retail, to food and beverage, fashion, manufacturing or even technology, your journey at YCP will expose you to various industries, working with the team to solve com

Holistic Business Perspective

Much of the potential in Asia is still locked up, undiscovered and waiting to be explored. With a focus on business operations in Asia, YCP provides interns the chance to learn about business management and expansion within and across Asia, not just from a top-down management perspective, but operationally from a bottom-up approach as well.

Work Closely with Professionals

YCP aims to provide interns with one of the best learning experiences and one of the many ways we do this is through on-the-job training and working closely alongside YCP professionals who bring with them a wealth of experience and knowledge. Regular mentorship for our junior professionals and interns is something that we take pride in.

Sharper Technical Skills

Apart from on-the-job training, you will be put through rigorous workshops which cover various functional topics to ensure holistic and all-rounded growth for all professionals and interns. Through these workshops and seminars, you will be equipped with various toolkits for solving today’s most complex business problems.

Travel Opportunities

Interns may also get the chance to travel should the project demands for it. Through such overseas stints, you get to meet professionals and interns from other offices, providing you a chance to network and knowledge share. Of course, we encourage our interns to work hard AND play hard so you can expect gruelling but fulfilling trips.

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