YCP Group Announces Investment in WOTA Corporation

24 April 2023

YCP Group Announces Investment in WOTA Corporation

TOKYO, April 2023 — YCP Holdings (Global) Limited has executed an investment agreement with WOTA CORP. (“WOTA”), a Japanese start-up offering water treatment equipment business in Japan and overseas. 

WOTA CORP. (https://wota.co.jp) is a venture company originating from the University of Tokyo, founded on October 24, 2014. The company develops small-scale decentralized water circulation systems that recycle and maximize the effective use of domestic wastewater, and autonomous water treatment control technology to implement said systems and solve problems caused by unequal water distribution, depletion, and pollution.

Examples of their innovative products are the “WOTA BOX,” a portable water reclamation system for areas without running water, and the “WOSH,” a water reuse handwashing stand meant for areas without any water supply system. These products were used in medical facilities at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics’ Athletes’ Village and in reconstruction assistance for disaster-stricken areas. These products have been highly evaluated and proven by partnerships with municipalities and governments both in Japan and overseas.

In May 2022, WOTA successfully demonstrated the world's first residential water reuse system, which enables comprehensive water use, and plans to commercialize the system in 2023 for social implementation in Toshima Village in Tokyo and in Antigua and Barbuda, an island nation in the Caribbean Sea. In line with this, WOTA has considered opportunities for a third-party allocation of new shares with the purpose of further accelerating commercial development and social implementation.

Investors who will participate in WOTA's Series B financing round (source: WOTA Public Relations)

YCP Group established its Sustainability Solutions Division in May 2022 to provide professional services to support business transformation and other activities focused on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) measures. In the same month The Group entered into a partnership with Rimm Sustainability Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based SaaS platform for sustainability management, reporting, and optimization.

YCP Group will participate in WOTA’s Series B financing round and expects long-term synergy with its Management Services and Sustainability Solutions divisions. The Group will continue to actively consider and pursue investments pertaining to sustainability and ESG to help its clients achieve long-term business and profitability goals, while promoting green investments and strengthening relationships with sustainability stakeholders.

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