YCP Holdings Announces New Entity YCP Auctus, Formerly Auctus Advisors

18 May 2023

YCP Holdings Announces New Entity YCP Auctus, Formerly Auctus Advisors

INDIA, May 2023 – Auctus Advisors Private Limited (“Auctus”) will now be known globally by its new name YCP Auctus, as per the firm’s integration into YCP Holdings (Global) Limited, which was first announced in November 2022. 

This new entity name will widen the Group’s network not only across India but across the world, and help establish the overall Group as a trusted name for top companies who want to grow their businesses.  

We are also launching the new YCP Auctus website, which tells the rich history of Auctus from its inception in 2010 up to its integration into YCP Group, and expands upon its professionals’ growing roster of industry offerings and services to strengthen businesses and help companies grow. 

Also featured are the successful projects Auctus has delivered for its clients over the years, showing the firm’s philosophy towards empowering growth for businesses through great strategy followed by great execution. 

Under the vision of “Strive for Growth. Lead Asia. Impact the World,” YCP Group aims to become a professional firm that leads Asia, and the new YCP Auctus will serve to further reinforce the Group’s management support capabilities in the fast-growing Indian market. 

To learn more about YCP Auctus, please visit http://ycpauctus.com.  

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