YCP Solidiance Produces White Paper on Sustainable Urban Development in Vietnam

25 November 2021

YCP Solidiance Produces White Paper on Sustainable Urban Development in Vietnam

The Vietnamese government hopes that it can achieve sustainable urban development via collaboration between the public and private sector.

Ho Chi Minh City, November 2021 – YCP Solidiance has published a white paper entitled “Public and Private Sector Cooperation: Sustainable Urban Development in Vietnam,” which explores the country’s efforts to promote more sustainable measures in several key pillars of its economy. This white paper builds on a previous YCP Solidiance report on smart cities, focusing on the efforts being made to accelerate sustainable development and governance.

This white paper contextualizes Vietnam’s sustainable urban development through the analysis of current and potential areas of development, specifically Infrastructure, Transportation, Green Buildings, and Green Spaces. Through these key sectors, the report identifies specific opportunities in which the public and private sector may work together to further bolster the progress of country-wide sustainability.

The potential sustainable urban development benefits that may arise from focusing on development in the aforementioned key markets may become fully realized through the following applications:

To fully understand Vietnam’s efforts to become sustainable urban developers amidst the country’s digital transformation and transition to smart cities, download a full copy of the publication here.

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