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Training Program

  • On the job training with professionals in each business area

    At YCP, our professionals come from diverse industries such as investment banking, consulting, retail, etc. Trainees will hone their skills and abilities in each business area by working closely with YCP professionals. This way, trainees gain not only valuable knowledge but also the necessary global aptitude from our professionals. We will tailor and customize each training according to the needs and interests of our trainees so that each individual will gain the necessary broad skills required to be a business manager, whether it would be management consulting, marketing advisory, etc.

    ▶YCP Professionals' Diverse Backgrounds:

    • Consulting firms: Mckinsey|Boston Consulting Group|Bain & Company|AT Kearney|Booz Allen Hamilton|Accenture|PwC Consulting|Deloitte Consulting|KPMG Consulting|EY Consulting
    • Investment Banks: Goldman Sachs|UBS|JP Morgan|Morgan Stanley|Deutsche Bank|Merrill Lynch / Mizuho Securities
    • Manufacturing/Branded Companies: P&G Marketing|Oracle|Suntory Marketing|GE Healthcare|TOYOTA|HONDA|DENSO|Recruit|Rakuten
    • Others: Dentsu|Ernst & Young ShinNihon|Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
  • YCP Academy

    YCP Academy is a bi-annual intensive training programme in the fields of consulting, finance and marketing. It is conducted by senior YCP professionals who trains junior professionals with the expertise and knowledge they have built up in their specialised fields. In line with YCP Academy, we hold project sharing sessions twice a month for project directors to impart practical know-how from recent projects.

    ▶YCP Academy Subject

    • Consulting:Logical thinking, framework building, hypothetical thinking, identifying issues & problem-solving, professional interview design, quantitative data analysis, decision-making management
    • Finance:Consolidated financial statements, operating model building, valuation, M&A schemes, LBO model building, investment return analysis, creation of investment memos
    • Marketing:Branding, positioning strategy, product & service development process, consumer research design, advertising production & evaluation, digital marketing, SEO
    • Others:Excel, PowerPoint, project management, market data gathering
  • Review System

    In order to speed up the growth of YCP professionals, we hold comprehensive performance review sessions bi-annually. Evaluations are done in a 360-degree manner to gather both quantitative and qualitative comments from their superiors, peers and juniors. It is a transparent and objective process where evaluation and feedback are shared among each offices for team members to be aware of everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. We believe that a mutual understanding of every individual’s weaknesses would foster a better environment for improvement and growth.

  • Evaluation Criteria

    Evaluation criteria are set against 18 categories with 49 elements in both hard skills and soft skills that are linked to YCP Group Code of Conduct. The criteria differs between the different ranks, and expectations are laid out clearly from the start to ensure that all professionals are aligned with the expectations of the firm.

    ▶Evaluation Criteria List

    • Skills set (Hard skills):Creation of slides, quantitative analysis, presentations, documentation, project management, problem-solving, specialist knowledge, business development, promotion of globalization
    • Mindset (Soft skills):Leadership, human resources training, business development, commitment, team management, goal setting, willingness to grow, ownership, professional attitude