YCP Solidiance Launches White Paper on Healthcare in Vietnam

05 November 2021

YCP Solidiance Launches White Paper on Healthcare in Vietnam

YCP Solidiance, Mekong Capital, and Doodle Design invited healthcare industry players in Vietnam to join together to reimagine healthcare.

Ho Chi Minh City, October 2021 – YCP Solidiance has published a white paper, “Reimagining Healthcare in Vietnam,” in partnership with Mekong Capital and Doodle Design, that documents the innovative process and actionable ideas created during a healthcare workshop last April 9 and webinar last May 13, 2021.

Attended by 40 professionals within the healthcare sector, the workshop aimed to answer the question of “How might we improve access to quality care in Vietnam?” Participants were led through a series of design-thinking methods to address the needs of four distinct patient personas unique to the Vietnam market, generating 432 ideas centered on creating patient-centric outcomes.

Of these over 400 ideas, 9 Big Ideas were eventually chosen based on these two critical criteria: 

The primary objective of this workshop and webinar were to help different stakeholders within the healthcare sector work together to facilitate access to quality care with a patient-centric approach. In fact, some of the 9 Big Ideas are now being realized and accelerated in real-time to help Vietnam adapt to living with COVID-19. 

Download the white paper in full here, or contact our Partner Michael Sieburg at michael.sieburg@ycp.com to learn more about how we can support your business in reimagining its approach to patient-centric healthca

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