YCP Solidiance Publishes White Paper on Digitizing Saudi Arabia’s Logistics Sector

22 September 2021

YCP Solidiance Publishes White Paper on Digitizing Saudi Arabia’s Logistics Sector

With the logistics market thriving in Saudi Arabia, the country is looking to capitalize on their advantageous position via adoption of digital solutions.

Dubai, September 2021 – YCP Solidiance’s latest white paper “Transforming Saudi Arabia into the Middle East’s Logistics Powerhouse” discusses technological opportunities within the country’s thriving logistics sector. By adopting digital solutions such as Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence for its logistical operations, Saudi Arabia has the potential to further increase its stake in the global digital logistics market. 

As part of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Saudi Arabia has heavily contributed to the growth and value of the alliance’s overall logistics market. In 2020 alone, Saudi Arabia accounted for 27.6 billion USD of the GCC logistics market’s approximated value of 64.4 billion USD. Meanwhile, in 2021, forecasts show that Saudi Arabia will account for 29.2 billion USD of total revenue, which indicates that the country will continue to be leading contributor to the Middle Eastern North Africa (MENA) logistics industry.

Given Saudi Arabia’s strong position as of present, the country is capitalizing via digitalization so that it may keep up with the growing demands of ever-changing consumers and clients. By improving its logistical operations through digital means, other industries within Saudi Arabia will surely benefit, such as pharmaceuticals, e-commerce, and food and beverages.

In some instances, the Kingdom has already unlocked the benefits presented by accelerated digitalization within logistics. Several of these applications include:

To fully grasp how Saudi Arabia aims to transform into a Middle Eastern logistics powerhouse through the utilization of digital solutions, download a full copy of the publication here.

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