YCP Solidiance Participates in the 2023 Auto Care Factbook

13 July 2022

YCP Solidiance Participates in the 2023 Auto Care Factbook

Our analysis explored the development of China’s e-commerce automotive aftermarket, and the three business models that have led to its success.

Maryland, July 2022 — YCP Solidiance is proud to once again be part of the Auto Care Association’s Factbook for 2023, through research and insights from our CEO Pilar Dieter and Partner Leon Cheng. 

The Factbook is a multi-awarded industry report that takes an in-depth look at the current automotive industry landscape, and emerging trends that will shape the sector for the long-term. For the 2023 Factbook, our Professionals continued their analysis of China’s automotive aftermarket, focusing on the growth of the e-commerce segment. 

The Chinese automotive aftermarket has had some form of e-commerce since 2003 with the advent of the “early period” through Taobao and JD, and experienced its largest growth period in 2017, with the industry’s upstream players collaborating on a more optimized supply chain system that allowed for more sophisticated and efficient e-commerce experiences. Three distinct business models are credited for the success of the industry: B2C, B2B, and O2O. 

China’s O2O e-commerce aftermarket is relatively mature, with full integration between online and offline platforms and services, thus increasing service quality and efficiency. Four key development characteristics within the space have been identified as crucial to its growth: 

These characteristics, as well as in-depth case studies on several successful O2O e-commerce aftermarket brands, are also explored in YCP Solidiance’s analysis. A full copy of the 2023 Auto Care Factbook is available for download here

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