Global Growth Strategy Consulting Firm YCP Solidiance Promotes Ms. Pilar Dieter to CEO of Management Services Division

15 June 2022

Global Growth Strategy Consulting Firm YCP Solidiance Promotes Ms. Pilar Dieter to CEO of Management Services Division

TOKYO, June 2022⁠—YCP Holdings last week announced the appointment of Managing Partner Pilar Dieter as CEO of the Management Services Division, also known as YCP Solidiance. Ms. Dieter is an experienced business leader who has led the organization’s growth since 2011, and will assume this newly created position as the first CEO dedicated to the Consulting Practice and Management Services Division of YCP Holdings.  

Ms. Dieter began her consulting career at Andersen Consulting in San Francisco, California. She then joined the dot com boom in the early 2000’s, leading global software development and professional services divisions. She moved to Asia in 2005 and settled in Shanghai, China, eventually joining Solidiance in 2011 with the remit to establish the Greater China practice for the firm. Following 12 years of a successful practice in Shanghai and Beijing and leading global commercial expansion for the firm, Ms. Dieter returned to California to build the bridge between the firm’s US-based clientele and the Asia-based YCP Solidiance teams.  

“Pilar has proven herself as a committed people person. From her colleagues to her clients, she is always found putting relationship first which has been a hallmark of her success in driving commercial excellence for our organization over the years,” explains Yuki Ishida, CEO of YCP Group.  “Our successful IPO launch in December brought with it high expectations for our Management Services Division (YCP Solidiance), and Pilar is well positioned to enable this global growth through investment in our people and our clients.”

Pilar is an experienced advisor with clients from Fortune 500 firms seeking growth opportunities in Asia. She has been involved with a number of foreign and American business interests in China, across various government and private entities focused on cross-border trade. Pilar has strong Asian market knowledge and has worked in Singapore, Japan, Korea, China, India, and Malaysia. Prior to joining YCP Solidiance, Pilar worked for an advisory growth strategy firm where she managed Professional Services and Product Management divisions in Silicon Valley. She has also served as a Board Member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai.

About YCP Solidiance

YCP Solidiance is an Asia-focused strategic advisory firm with 17 offices worldwide, mainly in Asia.  We provide a wide range of management support services including but not limited to Go-To-Market strategy, M&A and DX implementation for clients.  

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